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Blowing A Hairy Arab Stud
Meet Sami! He hails from Beirut, born of Saudi parents. Sami is a macho, super hairy guy. His muscular, toned body is covered by an amazing layer of fur! While Sami loves blowjobs he would never "date" or marry a girl that would suck cock. That's an interesting dilemma. The solution is to let a "slut" or a gay guy blow him. Growing up in the Middle East, we thought that would be pretty hard to find, but Sami explains that while slutty girls might be a hard to come by, finding a gay guy to suck his cock was easier then we would imagine. In fact he told us while he was growing up, playing soccer he had his own cocksucker. He knew it would never get out because if his cocksucker revealed what was going on, it would be really bad news for the sucker. Fast forward a couple of years and now Sami lives in NYC. He works in financial services dates plenty of woman and while it is easier to find a slutty girl to suck his cock here, he rather have a gay guy suck it cause it is so much better. He says he has become spoiled and only wants the best blowjob he can get. Although he had never gotten a blowjob on camera, he agreed only after we assured him he can wear his sunglasses to conceal him a bit. However, he told us that his current gf loves underwear and buys all of his, including the one's he is wearing which are very distinctive. Sami though of Ben the same way he thinks about all gay guys, a set of lips and a mouth where he can put his cock. Ben didn't mind, he liked that idea actually. Ben didn't let Sami down, he spoiled him too. Sami told us afterward, Ben had giving him the best blowjob he had ever gotten and would like to use Ben's mouth again in the future. We told Sami that we hear that from all the guys!


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