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Alfie Wood & Javier Bello
One look at that the beautiful, blonde, fresh face of Alfie Wood on this week, and Javier Bello knew immediately what he needed: he needed to have his fact, uncut throbber between Alfie's beautiful, full, pouty cock-sucking lips as a warm up to the anal invasion his balls demanded. Once, long, passionate kiss is all it took to rev their engines and Alfie immediately dropped to the kitchen floor, suck Javier's dick to the short and curlies. Grabbing Alfie and bending him over, Javier licked that puckered rosebud before running his cock up and down those ass lips, then going in and out, as fast and as deep as he could. Needing even move, Alfie took a seat on that fat cock, riding it for all its worth, until Javier laid him on his back, pulled out of that hole and shot a massive load all over Alfie's cock, while Alfie's own load can down with a splat on top. Whew - what a hot scene boyz - very well done indeed!


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